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“What do I need to know about the pathophysiology of narcolepsy?”

Narcolepsy is a serious neurological disorder.1-3

Narcolepsy pathophysiology.

  • The exact cause of narcolepsy is unknown.
  • Animal studies suggest that...
    • Narcolepsy may be due to dysregulation of a neuronal system which leads to the destabilization of the interaction between activating and inhibitory neurons.4-7
  • During the day...
    • Decreased signaling of activating/wake-promoting neurons may contribute to impaired wakefulness (excessive daytime sleepiness, or EDS) and muscle tone (cataplexy).5-9
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EDS in narcolepsy may partly be the result of decreased signaling of dopaminergic and noradrenergic neurons.5,7,8

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Cataplexy in narcolepsy may be the result of disrupted signaling of noradrenergic neurons.5,6,9,10


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