child cataplexy

“What happens after my child takes XYREM?”

The pharmacokinetics of XYREM have been evaluated in pediatric patients ages 7 to 17 years.1

The pharmacokinetic characteristics of XYREM were shown to be similar in adults and pediatric patients.1

  • Analyses demonstrate that body weight is the major intrinsic factor affecting XYREM pharmacokinetics.1
  • A similar concentration-time profile is expected on mg/kg basis across age groups.1
  • Sodium oxybate plasma concentrations were generally higher after the second nightly dose than the first nightly dose, which is likely due to accumulation and/or less food effect.2
  • XYREM maximum concentration and area under the concentration-time curve at 0-4 hours demonstrated an association with weight-adjusted (mg/kg) XYREM doses, suggesting that body weight is an important determinant of XYREM pharmacokinetics.2