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“Tell me, what is the XYWAV and XYREM REMS?”

The XYWAV and XYREM REMS: an overview.

All prescribers and patients must enroll one time in the XYWAV and XYREM REMS.1

  • Because of the risks of CNS depression, abuse, and misuse, XYREM is available only through a restricted distribution program called the XYWAV and XYREM REMS, using the Certified Pharmacy. Prescribers and patients must enroll in the program.2
  • The XYWAV and XYREM REMS is designed to ensure that prescribers and patients are educated on and understand the risks and safe use conditions of XYREM and agree to follow the requirements of the XYWAV and XYREM REMS.1,2
  • The program also ensures that XYREM is dispensed from the Certified Pharmacy.1,2

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